Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Facebook and its strange pages

According to official statistics, as of May 2013, the world’s most popular social site had at least 1.11 billion active monthly users. Among these are all kinds of people you can ever imagine: robbers, religious people, sex workers, the young and the old. And, gullible people who are unsuspectingly falling prey to some nefarious forces. And, Facebook does not have the ability to trace the real characters of every user.

There even are hundreds of thousands of groups on Facebook. While the groups’ agendas seem quite clear when one joins them, traces of apparent advocacy of opposite missions become evident. But, only a few people are sensitive enough to detect the ‘strayed’ missions of the groups.

There are groups that seem religious in nature at the outset. After some time, one is shocked to the core to find the administrators of those groups posting messages that are morally corrupt, politically insensitive and war-spurring.

Then there are other groups that are already morally corrupt in nature, but become ‘interested’ in posting religious or spiritual messages and their morally-corrupt messages interchangeably. And in all this, the ultimate victory apparently falls on evil because, after all, evil doesn’t mind being associated with good because it knows the good in evil will forever be evil.

Ethnic, religious rivalry

Any history of ethnic rivalry in Malawi is almost hidden in the mists of time, safely tucked away from our memories, except in the academia where people learn much about the future by critiquing the past. Now, some Facebook groups’ administrators, who happened to court large numbers of people because of their inviting names, have resorted to creating controversial posts where fierce debates along ethnic lines ensue.

Deliberate attempts are being made to turn Malawians of different ethnicities against each other, and the rivalling debates that follow the ethnically-insensitive posts speak volumes about the ticking time-bomb. The administrators of these groups take advantage of the fact that they have thousands of members who obviously share different ethnic ideologies.

The angry debates on the forums clearly herald fierce antagonism among people who should rather be termed Malawians. Threats of physical confrontations are even issued. And in all this, it is the evil one that smiles all the way to his home.

On the other hand, the same groups create posts that clearly call for antipathy along religious lines. The administrators deliberately create posts which they know will be offensive to some religious sections of our society and leave it to members to castigate each other’s religions and end up compromising their own faith.

What’s most surprising is that most of these groups that are keen on turning sections of society against each other operate parallel to their missions of providing breaking news and vacancies. Well, a little bit of some breather could be welcome, but not one that is intended to turn people against each other.

The ‘type Amen’ factor

It is true that Facebook is, to some people, a forum where they can get rid of their sorrows and depressions, usually, by other people’s posts of encouragement and hope. After all, there are famous preachers who have their Facebook pages and post spiriting sermons there. The messages become timely catharsises for those in search of some form of redemption.

There even are men of God who post prophecies in order to encourage people to stick to God and to inform them that God is watching over them. That should be commendable. But, what I find rather out of place is that some prophecies are reposted several times by different groups of people who claim they experienced exactly the same thing in the same way. Well, miracles are bound to happen in extraordinarily miraculous ways, more especially in this wicked and perverse generation that is in constant search of signs.

Some even reach the extent of urging – or forcing their followers – to type Amen and claim something. Perhaps, the surprises which ‘Amen writers’ are promised will soon come to pass even after the said ‘before midnight’. After all, the Bible tells us that one day can be equal to 1000 years, but, that’s to God. Maybe, to men of God too.

Some posts will even warn you against ignoring typing Amen as if salvation is some easy phenomenon that can be achieved simply by writing something on some forum.

Then there are some pages which advance sexual immorality. Their very names are perfect witnesses of their evil missions. But, sometimes, these pages become inclined to test the faith of their members by posting religious messages and subsequently asking them to type Amen as a response to the message.

Now, I have very big problems with these pages and feel greatly offended to see them appearing now and then on my wall simply because my friends have liked them. They will post ‘very touching’ stories which they just create and ask people to type whatever to claim their blessings. How God is taken for granted!

Creating a religious message which is then sandwiched between two sexually immoral posts is a dangerous mission. God can’t be mocked. He is watching all this.


One thing that is very clear from the Facebook pages that are bent at creating evil controversies is that the devil is at work. He is roaring like a hungry lion, seeking any gullible person to devour. The pages you like and the comments you make allow evil to determine your level of faith and how you can be easily attacked.

Do not be people of ignorance. You will know them by their works and you will judge for yourselves if they are from God or not. Salvation and redemption cannot be sought simply by writing something on Facebook. Do not be misled. Receive God’s salvation and you have ultimate salvation, not some human promise that is not even connected to God.

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